Pet Burial

At the time of loss, there are many arrangements that have to be done. At Dear Pet Memorial Park we take that responsibility from you and handle everything. Our prices are predicated on the size of the pet. The cost includes the grave, fiberglass casket, picking up the pet, and the labor charge to dig the grave. Please contact our office so we can answer any questions, and give you a price

Burial Service

Every family has different wishes as far as the actual burial service. We try to accommodate the family’s desires. Many folks conduct a memorial service at the grave site. Some make it a religious service, some a memorial service, and some play music. Some families ask us to make the burial without them, and show them where their pet has been buried after the service is completed. The choice is strictly up to the family.

Dear Pet Memorial Park is a non-sectarian pet cemetery and all religions are welcome. We are open 7-days a week, sunup to sundown.

Contact us for compassionate burial services.